News from Russian Dragon Association

Dear all,

As some of you may have already noticed, significant changes have recently taken place in the life of Russian Dragon Association.
Our former President, Vassily Senatorov, skipper RUS 34, has been elected as Vice-President of IDA and had thus to vacate the position of the President of Russian Dragon Association last late fall.
The last annual meeting of the Association took place in December 2011 and the community elected Dmitry Samokhin, skipper of RUS 76, as its new President.

Since then a lot of things have changed. To start with, we have updated the webpage of the Association,, which is now running smoothly both in Russian and English.
Russian Dragon Association is also present in facebook ( and twitter: (!/RussianDragons)

Furthermore, we have created a special webpage,, dedicated exclusively to the upcoming event #1 on the home waters – Russian Open Championship 2012. The site is also run in bilingual modus. You will find all useful information regarding regatta schedule, transportation, accommodation and much more there.

The Championship will take place in St.Petersburg, on the waters of the Finnish Gulf, from 14 till 19 of August and every Dragonist is most welcome to come and participate.
NOR and online entry form will be published shortly.

Coming to St.Petersburg is not difficult at all. The most relaxed way is to take a ferry, for example from one of the ports in North Germany straight to Helsinki. From there it is very close to the border, which one as a non-Russian citizen easily crosses whether with or without a boat as a tourist. The rumors about difficulties at the customs, carnets to be paid…have nothing with the reality in common. Imagine, you travel with your bag…You take it in you take it out of the visited country . This is called temporary entry of personal goods. The same is with a Dragon. Finnish and Russian custom officers are used to seeing sailing boats crossing the border forth and back.

Should you need assistance in transporting your boat we are happy to advise you of the professional transportation services offered by Denis Prizkau.
According to his estimation the costs would be approximately 2000 EUR (Boltenhagen -St.Petersburg) each way if towed by him with his vehicle.

For further inquiries: Denis Prizkau,
Mobile: +49 179 9168796, e-mail:, skype: prizkau

Should you decide to drive yourself, your costs would be significantly lower - check ferry fares and gas prices. That’s it. There are no toll roads, neither in Finland, nor in Russia.

All in all, it is not difficult as it sounds. World Championship in Melbourne was much further away, but many did come.

St.Petersburg is close. St.Petersburg is beautiful. St.Petersburg is us.

Come and get to know us better!
Yours truly,
Tatiana Kurbatova Lueders
Executive Director
Russian Dragon Association
+7 925 809 1342
+49 176 67267031

Next Regattas:

  • 4th Stavros Dragon Match Race (by invitation only)
    3-5 Mar, Cascais, Portugal
  • H.M. King Juan Carlos I Trophy
    6-9 Mar, Cascais, Portugal
  • Phyloong Series
    15 Mar-12 Apr, Hong Kong
  • Italian Open Championship
    20-22 Mar, San Remo, Italy
  • European Championship
    25-29 Mar, San Remo, Italy
  • Tasmanian State Championship
    30 Mar Sandy Bay, Australia
  • RVYC Spring Series
    04-05 Apr, Vancouver, Canada
  • Grand Prix of Aalsmeer
    05-06 Apr, Aalsmeer, Netherlands
  • Coupe des Pyramides
    11-13 Apr, La Grande Motte, France
  • Drachentraining
    12-13 Apr, Thun, Switzerland
  • Osterregatta
    18-19 Apr, Thun, Switzerland
  • Easter Regatta
    18-21 Apr, Burnham, UK
  • Grand Prix of Aalsmeer
    19-21 Apr, Aalsmeer, Netherlands

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